About Us

Just Arrived is an online beauty store that offers a carefully curated selection of the best beauty products from high-end brands. 

Like you, we're beauty enthusiasts who love high quality beauty products. That's why we created Just Arrived- a beauty store for real beauty lovers. 

We feature both impulse beauty brands and luxury beauty brands to provide you with a vast range of products so that you're never bored! We're what you call "un-snobbish luxury." We strive to bring you high-end beauty products from various brands ranging from Nars to La Mer  and a few new names in between! High-end quality isn't tied to a name brand- it's all about the ingredients and how you feel when you wear certain products. Whatever makes you feel beautiful, is your personal luxurious experience. 

We're dedicated to bringing you the best beauty products

from the best brands, at great value.